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24 mars 2021
UK/PT 18:00
FR/ES 19:00

La façon dont nous travaillons est en pleine évolution. Cette table ronde explorera les façons dont nous travaillerons dorénavant et les nouvelles aptitudes requises. Les connaissances techniques sont aujourd’hui moins importantes, elles sont rapidement remplacées par des compétences comportementales et un état d’esprit créatif. Quelles sont les compétences de demain ?
En outre, les emplois à distance font sortir les gens du bureau et révolutionnent tout. Comment voir l’avenir et se préparer à l’inconnu ? Apportez votre boule de cristal, car ce sont les questions auxquelles nous essaierons de répondre au cours de cet événement, afin de déterminer à quoi ressemblera la main-d’œuvre de demain !

The 10 statements of this round-table


Mário Alves (Expert)

CEO & co-founder at TAIKAI

Economist by trade, technologist by heart. Worked at PwC and as Investment Banker. Helped startups fundraise and blockchain companies to design token incentive models. In 2017 created Blockchain Center Portugal and in 2018 founded TAIKAI, the next generation talent marketplace.

Diogo Ferreira Pinto (Expert)

Innovation Program Specialist

Former startup founder, head of acceleration and growth strategist. Worked at a Design Factory and a Business School. With a knack for connecting business and people, enabling organizations to innovate, thrive and find new opportunities of growth.

Sara Mendes (Expert)

Project Manager Entrepreneurship @ Center for Business Innovation - Porto Business School

Sara believes that people are at the center of the greatest transformations. Rooted in her psychology background, this human centric approach is the fundamental characteristic of Sara's professional life so far. Always eager to establish connections and enable relationships, Sara is passionate for communication and believes that purpose is the fuel that ignites success.
Project Manager of Entrepreneurship Programs, at Center for Business Innovation - Porto Business School, where she designs and implements programmes and events, activating the community around innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

Gonçalo Hall (Expert)

Co-Founder at Remote Portugal, Remote Europe, Future of Work Conferences and Remote Work Movement Podcast

Gonçalo Hall is a remote work consultant and evangelist who launched projects like the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, Remote Portugal and Remote Europe in order to help the movement grow and spread.
The Digital Nomad Village is Gonçalo’s most recent project, being developed in Ponta do Sol, Madeira island.
He is also the host of the Remote Movement Podcast where he interviews people making a ruckus in the remote world.

João Sousa (Young People)

Fashion Designer

João Sousa was born on the 10th of June of the new millennium, the year 2000. In 2015, at the age of 15, he started to study
fashion design at the prestigious Porto Fashion School. He had the opportunity to develop thhis DNA with many professionals in the fashion industry in Portugal, with their school projects, national and international fashion contests.
In 2018 he made his first fashion collection for the Spring Summer 19 entitled "Filhos
do Lago ", having the opportunity to make the first debut at Bloom, the platform
for young fashion designers at Portugal Fashion Week. In 2019 he returned to the fashion week with his vision for the Fall Winter 19 "Refuge" collection, highlighted by
Vogue Italia as one of the best of the PTFW winter season and integrating the new
platform, Bloom Upload. In 2018 he also had the opportunity to become ambassador of the
AYCH project and represent Portugal and Portuguese fashion at the events associated with the project, including the presence in Plymouth in the United Kingdom in January 2020 to present to PCA students (Plymouth College of Art) his history.

Victor Alonso da Silva (Young People)

Co-founder and Computational Designer at BLECAUTE

Victor is a creative designer & maker. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, graduated as an architect in 2016. Co-founder of a multidisciplinary design studio called BLECAUTE, where he currently works as a computational designer, ranging from furniture and product design to art installation, jewelry and most recently, fashion. The focus of his work is algorithmic 3D design, configurable parametric workflow and digital fabrication solutions for all of the different disciplines mentioned. Moved to Porto in 2017 looking for new opportunities and fleeing from the political madness that was building up. In portuguese grounds, he could achieve important milestones like winning LUMINA Light Festival Design Contest with "Floating Refraction" (2018), in Cascais and 3rd place in Museu Serralves' INOVDesign with the Configurable Lamp "Bolhas". In 2019, during Porto Design Accelerator where BLECAUTE was incubated, he got the opportunity to attend AYCH's Gijón Creative Jam and later got invited to be an AYCH Young Ambassador, which is an amazing opportunity for networking, growing and also mentoring other young creative people as well. Also a music lover, fashion upcycling enthusiast and an easygoing company looking for a good laugh.

Fernanda Passos Warttmann (Young People)

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer graduated from the school World Academy in 2017 and since 2018 exercising her profession autonomously, Fernanda at 29 years old is already an entrepreneur of her own clothing brand called SEREO. She actively participated in the AYCH Program in 2019 and as an ambassador for the Project she went to the International Residence in Plymouth in the United Kingdom in 2020 to represent Portugal with great pride.

Sebastião Ataíde (Young People)

Co-founder FLOWCO

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development.
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.