Challenge #2

From Creative Education

to Impactful Careers 

23 mars 2021
UK/PT 18:00
FR/ES 19:00

Cette table ronde réunit des professionnels de différentes disciplines qui ont un impact social grâce à leur travail dans l’éducation créative, les arts et les initiatives communautaires. En partageant des innovations pédagogiques et des parcours professionnels inspirants, ils exploreront des idées sur les modes d’apprentissage créatifs, sur la manière dont les professionnels créatifs sont capables d’avoir un impact social et environnemental substantiel au cours de leur carrière et de contribuer à la transformation de notre société, ainsi que la manière dont ces éléments sont liés aux ambitions des jeunes dans le monde contemporain.

The 10 statements of this round-table


Friedel Fink

Creative Holistic Educator and Social Entrepreneur

Friedel Fink is a Managing Director and Founder of Big Sis CIC - a UK based Community Interest Company supporting young girls’ mental health through physical and emotional literacy campaigns and practical support programs. Through her interdisciplinary background, rooted in the arts, education and interactive community projects, Friedel is passionate in finding creative and accessible ways that inspire for a positive body image, emotional resilience and a growing self-esteem cross culturally. Friedel was supported by AYCH Business Incubation Programme at Plymouth College of Art.

Marion Lefeuvre

Managing uncertainty and complexity

As a passionate designer and entrepreneur with a triple degree in design (L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique), management (IAE Nantes) and change management (UCO Angers), I help organisations in search of direction to take a fresh look at their innovation projects and to manage the related uncertainty.
By putting people at the heart of my made-to-measure approach, which combines systemic design - better known as design thinking - and professional coaching, I help the group to identify new solutions and take action.
Because I believe that the transmission of knowledge is a good way to challenge what has been learnt and to stay up to date, I teach in various schools in the west of France (École de Design Nantes Atlantique, Audencia Business School, IFAG, ISEG, WIS in Nantes, ESSCA in Angers...) and I also run design thinking training courses for companies and local authorities (Eure-et-Loir, Val d'Oise, Mayenne...).

Aditya Joshi

Designer, Makerspace manager and Facilitator

Aditya is a product designer and maker who looks at design as a tool to learn about everything around him. He likes to find out how things work and can spend a lot of his free time doing so. Aditya's design practice is a constantly evolving process that tries to understand and seek sustainability. More recently, he has been working on developing a hands-on and project-based learning curriculum for school children aged 5 to 18. Aditya manages a makerspace inside a school that is also his laboratory to develop a "learn by doing" model of learning. In his free time, Aditya likes to explore microscopic and macroscopic nature and go.

Suzie Razafimihery

Global Designer at onepoint

Multidisciplinary designer, Suzie puts her skills at the service of companies to support them in their innovation process through creativity and co-creation. From idea to project, her key words: Think Human and Experience ! Passionate about architecture and design in all its forms, I discovered and nurtured through my professional and personal experiences a desire to promote design as a language and to make it as tool to open up the field of possibilities in order to invent (or re-invent) the world of tomorrow.

Louise Honey

Freelance Consultant for Conscious Business Development

Louise Honey is a freelance consultant for conscious design insight, direction and business development. Working primarily within the apparel and lifestyle industries, she has a strong understanding of the full production process from research, design and construction, to manufacture, presentation and customer engagement. She uses her broad experience to provide support and guidance for independent businesses and innovators on how they can develop their vision, online presence and impact.

Sarah Trotter

Mixed Media Artist and Entrepreneur

Sarah Trotter is a Devon based mixed media artist who creates authentic vibrant, exuberant, abstract, fun and hybrid artworks that range from original paintings and prints to wearable art. Sarah’s inspiration comes from nature, cultures and society. She is passionate about inspiring mindful connections between the natural world and humanity whilst raising awareness of endangered species and nature. Sarah also works as a play worker for children & young adults of all abilities with a focus on facilitating and encouraging expressive arts curriculum learning.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development.
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.