Vision & missions

The purpose of the Youth Summit is to encourage reflections around 3 challenges that have been at the core of AYCH’s actions: Social Entrepreneurship, Creative Education and Workforce of Tomorrow. At this event, we provide an opportunity to young people to think, to present and to share their vision to their peers and a wider audience. AYCH is providing the framework for young people to work collaboratively to build official recommendations for an Agenda 2030 and is committed to raise this at a European level. 

From March 22nd to 25th 2021, AYCH has invited speakers from all over the world to debate our 3 Challenges and to create an Agenda 2030:
30 recommendations for a future Creative Europe. 

We also want to celebrate the amazing work which has been produced by young people involved in AYCH, their products, accomplishments and hopes and dreams. Importantly we want this Youth Summit not to be the end of AYCH but the beginning of our AYCH Legacy; where we continue with our mission and share our learning and tools freely. 


From March, 22nd to 25th, 4 round tables and 1 virtual exhibition will take place online.

Challenge #1

Social Entrepreneurship

Monday 22nd – 18:00 UTC

Challenge #2

From Creative Education to Impactful Careers

Tuesday 23rd – 18:00 UTC

Challenge #3

Workforce of Tomorrow

Wednesday 24th – 18:00 UTC

Agenda 2030

Thursday 25th – 18:00 UTC

Virtual Exhibition

In this Virtual Exhibition space, you will discover the ‘gems’ of AYCH or ‘H’ as some partners affectionately call our project. Please explore and spend time interacting with our partners, the displays and exhibits of young people’s innovative ideas which they have developed through the AYCH incubation programme.There are images, accounts, videos, music, interviews and 3D rendered models which are a testament to the imaginations, new skills and hard work of their creators.

Why this website?

To support AYCH Youth Summit, we have created this website to gather and feed the Challenges before and after the event with articles related and AYCH case studies.

The Youth Summit is the occasion for us to spread successful methodologies, experiences and good practice which we have collected during 44 months and to make it understandable and reusable for people who want to run a project that addresses similar challenges to AYCH. 

This website is the gateway to help you understand the methodologies, to explore the tools and to meet the people who have made AYCH a successful project. You can use the chat to ask any question about the project.

The host : Brest métropole

Brest métropole is the local authority for an area composed of 8 different cities, inhabited by a 210,000-strong population. As the largest city, Brest is also the main decision centre.

Brest métropole has become, in the last few years, a place of attraction for people from other parts of France but also for foreigners that are coming notably because of the amazing territory and living conditions Brest is offering. Indeed, Brest is an attractive place where one can study, work, enjoy and live even with a low budget. 

Moreover, Brest métropole is strongly partnership-orientated and has a huge history of european collaborations. Therefore, by organising the Youth Summit, Brest métropole wanted to state once again the importance of being open to one another as well as to ascertain that the notions of youth, future and entrepreneurship are at the core of its concerns.

Enjoy your virtual stay in Brest and kenavo ar wech all!* 

* Goodbye til we meet again

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development.
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development
Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.